Welcome to the Informatics Program at IU South Bend

NEW: Informatics Scholarship (receive a total of upto $30,000 over four years) - Deadline Jan 16, 2017

Why Informatics or Computer Science?

Informatics is:

  • understanding the impact of technology and information on people.
  • the development of new uses for technology.
  • the application of information technology in the context of another field.

Information technology (IT) is rapidly changing the world, creating new challenges and opportunities every day. Informatics equips students to study IT, consider its social impact, and find ways to use technology to solve problems. The aim is to produce qualified information technology professionals who understand the ways people work with and use information, and who can develop solutions that are effective and easy-to-use. Usually, informatics is combined with another field of study or cognate. A number of cognates have been identified, such as bioinformatics, social informatics, business, new media, and health care informatics.

Interested students should complete the Prospective Student Information Sheet and contact the Informatics secretary to schedule an advising session with the informatics advisor. ( Please click here for the contact information for IUSB Informatics.)